Lords of the Fallen Gameplay Video Shows Fluid Combat, Less Impactful Attacks

Lords of the Fallen is being developed by Deck 13 and CI Games, and since we didn’t really get to see much about its gameplay so far; the developers have decided to share insights into it through the latest developer video.

IGN sat with Tomasz Gop, the executive producer at CI Games to talk about Lords of the Fallen gameplay. The video is over 11 minutes long and shows the developer talking us through the mechanics and the dynamics of the game.

The video starts off with the concept of the game’s art before digging deeper into the gameplay mechanics that last for seven minutes. To some, it might come out as a modernized version of Blade of Darkness, other might see it as a mashup between Dark Souls, Zelda and Darksiders.

You would obviously form your own opinion about it after watching the video above but as far as I am concerned, the game does look promising – if only they’d make the attacks a bit more impactful.

How did you find the Lords of the Fallen gameplay?