Free Running Zombie Game Dying Light Questions Humanity

A new trailer for Dying Light is here and it’s doing that thing developer Techland likes to do, which is let people question their humanity. Since this zombie survival game is similar from their previous games of Dead Island, they’re looking to stick to that emotive formula for videos.

Along with the sweeping music and pensive narration, we get presented with some of the daytime environments in the game. There are tons of completely decaying roads, buildings and other urban elements to go through.

Along with this display, the trailer puts on camera angles to detail its lighting system. This should bring an additional level of immersion for players, as they trudge through the nightmarish locations.

At night, the dynamic of scavenging will alter drastically to fights for survival. It’s probably here where that whole humanity thing will really be questioned. For instance, there is a brief reveal of human executions, which may or may not still be alive.

Aside from fighting with tons of undead, Dying Light will also have free running in first person. We can see some gameplay jumping from rooftops and sliding on the ground.

It also looks like you’ll be able to set up traps for groups of undead. An electrified fence should hold off some predators.

Borrowing more tactics from Dead Island, Dying light also illustrates a moment of weapon customization. Modifying weapons was one of the main characteristic of Techland’s previous zombie games.

So, Dying Light is basically a ramped up version of Dead Island, but it’s best to stick to what you know. Some people enjoyed those titles.

Look for Dying Light on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2014.