The Elder Scrolls Online: A “Dark Anchor” Encounter Video

Zenimax Online has released a new developer diary for The Elder Scrolls Online which focuses on a few aspects of the game, as well as showcasing a ‘Dark Anchor’ encounter.

In this instant Molag Bal, the Daedric prince of Oblivion, wishes to pull Tamriel into his realm through dark magic that sees to the dropping of enormous iron anchors on to our plain. The video spans to the group battle which begins right after shadow mages start off a ritual sacrifice.

While fighting off waves of Daedra minions, players must break down the anchors and close the Oblivion Gate overhead.

The video also confirms the return of Fast Travel to the game. Opening the map and clicking on an explored destination/city will teleport you there. It saves time and is really a necessity in such games. If you’re in a group of players then you can travel directly to your group members as well.

Elder Scrolls Online will be released on April 4 and will come with one month of free game time. After that players must pay $15 monthly in order to play. Not many are happy over Zenimax opting for the subscription model, instead of a free-to-play one. The developer though believes it will be a success.