EA Sports UFC Trailer Brings Fighters’ Emotions & Intensity to Next Gen

The first look at next generation’s UFC is here. EA Sports UFC will be the first title based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship to be released on the next gen consoles. This means a more intense, more emotional and more athletic experience for you.

Electronic Arts revealed the first EA Sports UFC trailer recently that highlights some of the new features of the game, for instance, the high resolution captures of the real fighters that have made the game more realistic.

Not only, the scanning process has captured physical features of the players, but the facial animation technology has given a personality to the characters inside and outside the octagon. Warm ups, signature stances and other animations will be realistically copied from the actual fighters.

Brian Hayes the game’s creative director leads us through the first look at the game’s fighters and their characteristics too. For example, GSP respects the opposition, Silva is intimidating while Anthony Pettis is famed for his swagger.

EA Sports UFC is slated for a release in spring this year, but you can pre-order it right now from the EA Sports website.