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Development of Starbound Delayed, Devs Deal with a Sexual Predator in Forums

Usually it is unwelcome news when we hear that the development of a game is being held up. It’s a different story this time around. The developers of Starbound are dealing with a sexual predator on the community; the matter will require the game’s development to be delayed for a little while.

Starbound creator Finn “Tiy” Brice has explained the matter via his Twitter. He says that someone at Starbound forums has been targeting children for sexual exploitation, and the developers are working with the authorities to take care of that degenerate.

This could sound like Starbound has been delayed but actually it isn’t a serious ‘game delay.’ Another developer at Chucklefish Games posted on the game’s forums, saying:

The person in question has been permanently banned and we’re looking into how to proceed re: involving authorities. To clarify, it’s not a serious ‘We’re delaying the game!’ sort of deal, but situations like this do distract from actual game development.

Brice also went on to confirm through another tweet that it wasn’t a big delay, “just a day for one developer, for those asking,” he said.

Issues like these need just the kind of attention that Chucklefish is giving them. As far as the slight delay in development is concerned; doing the right thing is always worth more than the entertainment that might get delayed by a day.

Game forums like Starbound’s often have a lot of underage people, and if anyone else receives private messages that put you in an uncomfortable position, the issue should be reported to the staff immediately.