Another Portal Webseries in the Making – Secrets of Aperture

If you are a Portal fan you must have liked Portal: Survive! the fan film made by Colin and Connor McGuire. And if you have liked that webseires, it will excite you to know that the duo are at it again. A Kickstarter campaign was launched by the directors to fund for another live action Portal webseries straight from the Aperture Science labs!

The webseries has been dubbed as ‘Secrets of Aperture’ which is “a cinematic journey through the dark and secretive legacy of Aperture Science.” They are asking for a funding to the tunes of $15,000. In the first week of the Kickstarter campaign, 179 backers have managed to fund for the first 6 and a half grand; the rest could be up to you.

According to the campaign page, last year’s Portal: Survive! was actually a concept film for this project. The description reads:

“Secrets of Aperture will be a cinematic journey through the dark legacy of Aperture Science, unfolding the events that led to its eventual demise while exposing the secrets held by both its eccentric founder and the scientists behind its most notorious scientific breakthroughs.”

Secrets of Aperture is going to be a five episode based series that will be uploaded on YouTube for free. Apart from the Portal: Survive! series, the brothers have also directed Left 4 Dead: The Movie and The Violent World of Parker.

The first stretch goal, $20,000 will add a series of vlogs hosted by characters from the Portal world. For extra $15K, you will get another episode up to a total of eight.

Are you going to be interested enough to donate funds for the making of another Portal webseries?