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What Flappy Bird Alternatives Do We Have Now that it’s Deleted?

Whether it was due to the simplicity of the game or the addictive (and annoying) gameplay, Flappy Bird has been all the rage in the recent days.

Amidst all that we were struck by news that the developer has taken the game down from Google Play and iOS. So if you have been into the game, what Flappy Bird alternatives could you go for?

Before digging into that, let us tell you that Don Nguyen, the Vietnamese developer announced via a series of tweets that he will be taking down the game.

The issue itself has been something of suspense to us. He started off saying that the game ruined his simple life, and that he hated it now. Moving on he tweeted that he will take the game off on February 9 because he couldn’t take it anymore.

Now Flappy Bird has been deleted from iOS and Google Play but something tells me people have been a little fond of the addiction that the game provided. So we dug up some Flappy Bird alternatives that look (dangerously) similar to it.

First, there is a game called Flappy Wings. Their description claims that it “improves Flappy Bird formula” and adds game services support as well as a catchy soundtrack to boast that it is better than the game it copies.

Secondly, Fly Birdie will let you stay in the game for a little longer.

It has more space between the pipes (yes it has the same pipes, but they are not green), and you get three lives. If you played Flappy Bird because it was a total douche of a game that didn’t let you score, this isn’t what you are looking for.

Then there is Clumsy Bird, a graphically advanced rip off of the original game. It’s bird character resembles Angry Birds more than Flappy Bird and it comes with a better scenery. Otherwise it is quite similar.

Lastly, there is a game named Piou Piou. Now don’t get too bogged down with the name itself, the game is pretty similar to Flappy Bird and while the rest of the Flappy Bird alternatives came into being after it received success; this one has been there for a long time.

In fact, it is being chimed as the original game that Flappy Bird was copied from! There are no pipes but cacti which are green, it has the same yellow bird that you mostly see in Flappy Bird and has pretty much similar big lips too. Piou Piou has been there on the market since 2011.

Could it be that Nguyen was worried about legal trouble? We wouldn’t know much about that yet, but as far as the developer is concerned, he says that removing Flappy Bird has nothing to do with legal issues.

It is a fact that the game was really too much of annoyance, for the most part, what with all the pipes and that little space between them that you yearn to reach with that clumsy little big-lipped bird.

However, the game had an element of addiction due to its challenging nature, and the fact that it was earning $50,000 a day is enough to evidence its popularity. Seeing the game go would be a confounding loss to say the least.

Casual gaming lives on though. Did you find something that could become a good Flappy Bird alternative?