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NBA Live 14 Update adds New Mode & Upgrades

EA Sports has announced that they will be releasing second content update for NBA Live 14, which will include Shootaround mode and visual and gameplay tweaks. The update may come “as early as Monday” but the exact date hasn’t been set yet.

The new update will also implement changes to ball physics, passing speeds, dribbling and first steps. For those of you who need help with NBA Live 14, the post points to online video tutorials that break down styles of play.

It will also offer improvements in visuals of the game; they have implemented lighting and color changes to address the “plastic” appearance of players in NBA Live 14.

EA sports write about the changes as:

We’re making these additions with an eye towards rebuilding NBA LIVE, making sure everything we do today can continue to be improved and iterated upon for next year’s game.

Previous updates of the games were too focused on the gameplay of the game, and this one is no different. They have improved responsiveness and control for first steps, plus dribble moves, which will give some of the league’s best players a more explosive first move and the ability to quickly change gears to blow by a defender.

The best of all it will include official court and jerseys for NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans. This update will follow a statement in November from NBA Live 14’s executive producer, which admitted that the team had “a lot of work to do.

It is great news for the people who have stuck with the game despite its flaws, and now we just hope the update is released soon.