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Yoshi’s New Island Getting New 3DS XL Bundle – Rumor

Yoshi’s New Island, the sequel to Yoshi’s Island, will release alongside its own 3DS XL bundle.

Though yet to be officially confirmed, the bundle was outed through a premature listing by UK retailer Base. Additionally, IGN is pretty certain of the legitimacy of this bundle in North America, and that it will release for £199.99, the same price as the Zelda 3DS XL released last November.

If the sources are correct then the 3DS XL bundle will be available on the same day that Yoshi’s New Island releases, that is on March 14, 2014. The game is scheduled for launch on March 15 in Australia and summer 2014 in Japan. There isn’t any news on if this bundle will be available in these regions as well or if it’s exclusive to NA.

Yoshi’s New Island promises to feature the same art style of its predecessors, with the same watercolor and crayon-like designs. Like in every Yoshi game, players must escort babies, including baby Mario. Along the way enemies can be eaten to make ammo for eggs that act as projectiles.

Source: IGN