Titanfall Beta Will be Different and Better than Alpha

We have all been waiting for the Titanfall beta. Ever since it has been announced, many of us have been concerned about the quality of the beta version. Rest assured folks; Respawn Entertainment is bringing you an all new build with the beta that will be definitely better than the Alpha.

The news came in through Producer Drew McCoy, who was asked over Twitter if the Alpha will get updated to Beta automatically. His answer not only clarified that you will need a new download, but also that the Titanfall beta is going to be something new.

He was also asked whether the player ranks from the alpha will get carried to the Titanfall beta upon its launch. Luckily, for those who have not been really good at the game, that is not the case.

Of course, some of you might not like this part since the previous efforts will be lost, but hey it is an all new build, why not go in with a clean slate?

Lastly, the Community Manager of Respawn, Abbie Heppe was asked to comment on the anti cheating tool being used in the game, if any. She did divulge enough to say that an anti cheat feature will be deployed though we weren’t told whether it is Punkbuster or something else.

We know that Titanfall beta will come to both Xbox One and PC but no specific release has been given.

Oh and you don’t need to pre-order the game in order to enter the beta.