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Next Halo Game to Push Xbox One to its Very Limits

Not a lot of information is available for the upcoming Halo game on Xbox One, but two new career opportunity ads seeking a Graphics Engineer and Software Development Engineer give us a clue of what to expect from the visuals and audio of the upcoming title.

Graphic Engineer

343 Industries is looking for an outstanding graphics engineer to complement its award-winning graphics team. This engineer will implement cutting edge features for the future of Halo, and will support other internal teams with their graphics needs and requests.

As a graphics engineer you will be responsible for writing and maintaining the systems which other 343 teams use to implement and iterate features during their daily work. The ideal candidate has a passion in this space, and loves getting their hands dirty while coding incredible systems which unlock the potential of our internal teams.

Your features will be used to amaze and shock game players around the world. You are an out of the box thinker who relishes challenges, and enjoys making sure games are fast and pretty.

If rendering hot pixels and facilitating others gets you excited, this is the right job for you.

Candidate responsibilities
– Collaborate closely with internal development teams to unlock their potential
– Own and maintain various DirectX11 rendering systems
– Create new next-generation systems

Software Development Engineer

You are an audio technology innovator and have strong ideas for the future of audio technology. You will help prototype, test, and create audio features through the sheer power of your masterful coding abilities. You understand the tech behind audio at a deep level – both software and hardware. Working with developing technology means you have to be adaptive and understand the constraints of working in an iterative incubation environment.

You must be a capable problem solver who is not afraid of big challenges and can use your engineering skills to quickly flesh out ideas with new technologies. A strong understanding of audio technology encompasses, but is not limited to, the following: audiology, acoustic and psychoacoustics, DSP, binaural/surround/HRTF spatial audio, Wwise or similar audio engines, Unity/Unreal or other scripting technologies that allow for rapid iteration on ideas.

As an audio-focused developer, you will be working collaboratively with the Technical Design Director, Central Audio Director, team creatives and producers to drive and support the audio features/tech you help create through all stages of production. You have well balanced communication skills and are able to present your audio concepts concisely both technically and in lay terms.

You thrive in an environment of innovation and excellence. Lastly, you must rock… figuratively of course.

Both advertisements clearly indicate that developer 343 Industries is pushing the envelope of graphics for its new Halo game. A lot of emphasis in both ads has been put on implanting and working with a new and cutting-edge systems and technologies.

We will have to wait and see when the game is finally shown by the developers. Will it live up to its hype?