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Bioshock Infinite-Themed Items Heading for Team Fortress 2

BioShock Infinity-themed items are headed towards Team Fortress 2, developer Irrational Games announced on its blog today.

The exclusive items can be only owned by those who have a Bioshock Infinite Season Pass on Steam. Those who already own a Season Pass should either have already gotten their items or will soon.

The items include a Little Sister’s Big Daddy Pocket Doll and two masks, one of President Washington and one of Benjamin Franklin just the way they appear in BioShock Infinite.

We’re introducing the Team Fortress 2 version of the Little Sister’s Big Daddy Pocket Doll, put together from found parts strewn across the arena, and sure to add some protection from a crit or two.

The Bioshock Infinite Season Pass costs $20, and includes the combat focused challenge mode Clash in the Clouds, new items, and the two episodes of the Burial at Sea DLC. The items though are free of cost so you don’t have to shill out anything extra.

The second episode of Burial at Sea is expected to release late next month.

Source: Irrational Games