This Guy Has Found a Way To Beat Flappy Bird

As the video games industry endeavors to find out what its audience needs, Flappy Bird comes blazing in featuring gameplay mechanics that are both simple and annoying.

Easy to understand, terribly hard to play, Flappy Bird has exploded in popularity on Apple’s iTunes and Google’s PlayStore. The game is free to download and has players tapping the screen to make a tiny bird jump through a set of pipes.

The trick is of course to maintain a steady tap sequence or else crash into the pipes and die; which you will be doing often. On an average I haven’t come across anyone who has gone past 10 pipes. Personally, I found crossing 5 an achievement.

Bringing an unholy rage to every player, Flappy Bird has revealed to be racking up $50,000 a day in advertising revenue.

Everyone wants to get a high score, which is an insane task to be called for in Flappy Bird. One YouTube user though has figured out the trick to ‘beat down’ the game. The technique is pretty simple and probably something every one of us thought of while playing this game.

Tell us what your current high scores are in this infernal game and ofcourse, don’t forget to watch the video.