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Things We Want to See in Next Call of Duty by Sledgehammer

Call of Duty is one of the most played franchises across all platforms. Players have invested millions of hours across Steam, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network.

Even the players who title it as the most milked franchise, somehow, end up playing it. However, with their latest installment that is Call of Duty: Ghosts, the future of the franchise is looking grim.

Despite of all the promises, Ghosts proved out to be the worst CoD ever! And it is justified. There are no dedicated servers provided, the net-code was so bad that it even made the game unplayable, the map design was frustrating as hell, the competitive aspect of the game was totally neglected, and the hit detection was so poor that it looks like you take 1 bullet to die and 4-5 bullets to kill.

Other than this, there were some small issues like lack of connection bars on the console versions of the game and no competitive game modes like Search and Destroy and Hardpoint at launch. Even popular MLG pro players like Optic Nadeshot, Optic Scumper, Karma, and JKap showed their displeasure at this.

This is the sole reason why most of the Call of Duty veterans have moved on to other titles like Battlefield IV (which is itself a broken game) or they are waiting anxiously for upcoming Titanfall.

Being a hardcore CoD player, I think Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was one of the best CoDs ever created followed by Modern Warfare III and both Black Ops games. Being a die-hard fan of Infinity Ward games, Ghosts has disappointed me beyond horizons.

Just today, Activision has confirmed that Sledgehammer Games are currently working on unnamed 2014 CoD game. Though no other details were provided but as a voice of most CoD players, I would like to present my wish list for the next Call of Duty game.

Moreover, I will be strictly talking about multiplayer aspect of the game since most of us do not care about single-player campaign.

First, let us talk about game modes! For those of you who do not know, Sledgehammer Games has created Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and I still consider it to be descent game.

Not mentioning the popular game modes like Team Deathmatch and Domination but I really like game modes like Infected, Gun Game, and Capture the Flag.

And even though, Ghosts has failed us miserably, I really liked Cranked, Blitz, and Search and Rescue. Although it was a bummer NOT included Hardpoint but there is hope that it will change.

Furthermore, game modes which encourage competitive side of the game should be made available to public from the day one. I still remember my frustration when Search and Destroy was not available for public lobbies. In addition to this, League Play was an interesting feature which I would love to see in the next game.

The next thing on my list is map designs. In my opinion, Black Ops II has some really good maps except Turbine. Maps featured in Ghosts, on the other hand, do an amazing job at making you rage.

Even after playing the game on next-gen consoles, I cannot help thinking that they suck. While moving from one area to another, you would not even know where the bullets are coming from.

Also having a variety of short and long ranged maps will be most welcomed. Maps like Bog, Hijacked, Nuketown, and Dome, and Standoff are some of the best maps of Call of Duty.

And while we’re talking about maps and their designs, it’d be really nice if the studio can fix the spawn system. I mean, how often have you died on your way to a Nuclear, MOAB, or K.E.M by a random enemy spawning right behind you? Believe me, this is the most frustrating thing ever!

There should be at least a timer of 3 seconds before players could respawn. They should learn from Battlefield in this regard. Some dynamic elements would also be nice.

I do not really mind people running around the maps with a Sniper Rifle and quick-scoping people but this is one thing that gets on most players’ nerves. It does look quite unreal and getting shot within a quarter of a second at chest up is annoying as hell.

Over the course of so many years, we have been hearing about dedicated servers which we have not seen until now. PC gaming has always been there but now that we have moved on to next-gen technology based on cloud, it is time that you introduce dedicated servers, Activision and let us relish over a game with no lag what-so-ever.

Since CoD is a first-person shooter, I cannot stress much over the importance of weapons. Guns like ACR, FAMAS PP90M1, AK47u, and M8A1 will always hold a special place in my heart but I cannot deny that these guns are frigging over-powered.

When we talk about the game with most balanced weapons, Black Ops II pops up in my head. This game has perfect weapons that are truly based on your skills except for shotguns of course.

I would also like to see Marksmen Rifles from Ghosts as they were a pretty sick addition to the weapon arsenal.

As for Kill streaks, Nuke, MOAB, or K.E.M should make appearance in the next CoD with Specialist Strike Package. As for Assault/Support Strike Packages, the Orbital VSAT, Dogs, Lightning Strike, Pave Low are on my wish list.

And lastly, the point system introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops II should make a comeback in this upcoming iteration. As for perks, Ghosts has provided a wide arsenal of perks to choose from. The new perk system is very systematical and offers one of the best perk systems of the franchise.

That’s pretty much all I want from next Call of Duty installment. Do not forget to tell me what you think of it and share your own wish list with us in the comments below!