Transformers Universe Trailer Shows Off Autobots and Decepticons in Action

Jagex Games Studio has released a new trailer for Transformer Universe, a free-to-play browser based game that is currently in development.

The video shows off the Autobots and Decepticons, as they bash each other to oblivion during the great war. A pretty sight indeed and just what you would expect from Jagex.

Transformers Universe is being called a massive online tactical action title; though we have yet to know more about it to ascertain it’s hype is genuine.

The studio notes that a beta phase is coming, details of which will be given soon. Interested participants can sign up for the beta through the Transformers Universe website. Jagex also promised regular updates on the game as its production vents forward.

For a browser based game, Transformers Universe has seemingly been in development for a long time. Last year in June the company laid off over a dozen employes of the Transformers Universe team as the company moved development onto an outside engine from its in-house Runetek engine.

Following that, Jagex then stated that it had scrapped its initial plans to make the game a massive multiplayer online game and is now going for a MOBA approach.

Transformers Universe is currently slated to launch this summer.