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Team Ninja Confirms Unannounced Project On Playstation 4

Developer Team Ninja has confirmed working on an unannounced project for Playstation 4. According to Gematsu, the team is already building, with Yosuke Hayashi stating:

We’re developing a PlayStation 4 title internally, so please look forward to future updates.

Right now, the team is still working on finishing up Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. Moving away from its main franchise, this iteration will put the ninja universe into a dystopian zombie apocalypse.

For Yaiba, the developer is also cooperating with Inafune’s company. This collaboration has led to a crossover in content, with a costume from Mighty No. 9 being available in the ninja title.

Moreover, there are tie-ins to zombie flicks like the lolita slasher Nuiguruma Z. There will also be a free comic book run for the game. It has a lot of fanning potential.

It’s not yet clear where the Playstation 4 title is going either. Seeing as Team Ninja is both the stable for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, we could see either one.

This unannounced project will be the first title from Team Ninja on the new line of consoles. Strangely enough, the developer is currently hinting at a Playstation 4 exclusive and not a multiplatform release including Xbox One.

Give your predictions for a Playstation 4 game from Team Ninja in the comment section.