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The Sims 4 Release Date Set for September 2014?

We were told that the next installment in Sims series will come out this year in autumn, but the Brazilian website of the game has gone a step further and posted that the game will release in September, albeit accidentally.

On the Brazilian website of the game, a post was made to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the life simulation game. After all the usual praises and future plans relating to Sims 4, the author Lucy Bradshaw who is an SVP at Maxis, accidentally let it slip that the game is market-bound in September this year.

This is the sentence that was posted originally and later changed to cover up the leaked information:

It is sensational! We have many surprises in our sleeves; believe me when I say that September 2014 will come in a flash.

The month of September has now been replaced with the word ‘autumn,’ but not before we could pick it up. Official word on Sims 4 release date has been scarce so far.

All we have been told by either EA or Maxis is that they will release the game in fall 2014. It will be good if they narrow that down to a date, wouldn’t it?

Honestly, this could be anything. It could just be a mistake, or it could really be a slip. We shall await confirmation from the developer and let you know.