Rust Patch Update Tweaks Wildlife, Resource Objects and Fixes Bugs

Facepunch has decided to remove all traces of the undead from the Zombie survival game Rust. Instead the zombies have been replaced by wildlife such as bears and wolves. However, according to the developer this is only a placeholder and something else would be added soon.

“All will be revvvealed soon,” promised Facepunch.

The latest update also brings a variety of improvements and additions, with new textures and models for resources and fixes to previously reported game bugs.

This update also covers a variety of improvements and additions.


  • no longer exploitable by walking backwards
  • fears hostile wildlife
  • reacts to gunshots
  • hostile wildlife retreats if it cannot find a path to you
  • wildlife should not jump up and switch to random angles anymore
  • removed white wolf

Resource Objects

  • added new models for wood & stone resources
  • wood & stone resources change model to indicate their quantity
  • added another stone resource – contains mostly stone

Other Changes

  • fixed bugs with the level (such as rocks intersecting buildings)
  • the ‘oil tank’ area has been modified with cover
  • workbenches make you craft faster when standing next to them
  • added new player animations
  • improved melee attack animations
  • added locked backpacks and lockpicks test ( off by default )
  • when you die your backpack is locked for everyone else but you for a time
  • someone else can use a lockpick tool to bypass this time
  • lockpick tools are a default blueprint
  • you can’t use lockpicks on doors
  • the amount of time the backpack is locked for is per-server and can be set with the command player.backpackLockTime seconds can be turned off by setting player.backpackLockTime to 0
  • footstep sounds will never play the same sound as the one previously played
  • grass textures have been improved

Known Issues

  • there are a small number of areas with what seems like invisible walls
  • there are one or two rocks without collision
  • there used to be about 200 wolves in one area of the map, we fixed it, though.

I for once actually welcome the removal of zombies from a game. Lately it has been the flavor of every survival game out here.