Minecraft Fan Film Seeks $600,000 in Crowd Funding

Filmmaker Brandon Laatsch, a great fan of Minecraft, has initiated a Kickstarter campaign to help him produce a Minecraft movie that will stay true to its roots and please fans of the popular pixelated title.

“To me Minecraft is the perfect video game to adapt to a film,” Laatsch said, explaining that the lack of a plot or characters gives him and his team the freedom to recreate the unique Minecraft world. “Our plan is to tell an epic fantasy story that would stand alone on its own merit and set that story in the world of Minecraft for its visual appeal and the unique physical rules within the world.”

Titled Birth of Man, the Minecraft movie will only be possible if Laatsch and his team are able to get $600,000 in funds. With Minecraft’s popularity that high target might be achievable. At the moment nearly 800 backers have already given more than $54,000 to the campaign.

There are still 29 more days to go before the campaign expires so if you’re interested in helping this movie be made, head to the source below to back the project.

Source: Kickstarter