The Elder Scrolls Online Open Beta is Not Going to Happen

If you were expecting The Elder Scrolls Online open beta to go live sometime in the future, you are in for a disappointment. Looks like the beta invites are the only way you will get to play the game before it is released.

The FAQ section of TESO’s official website has confirmed that ZeniMax Online Studios do not plan to launch an open beta of their upcoming MMORPG. A question regarding the possibility of an open beta was answered as follows:

We will not be holding a traditional open beta, but if you sign up to participate in the ESO beta prior to launch and are eligible per our Terms of Service, you will get an invite to a future beta event.

Don’t get too mad at them for this if you haven’t gotten an invite yet. The post goes on to explain that several large-scale beta sessions are to be held, as we can already see.

In order to stand a chance at one of the beta sessions that is expected to come your way, we suggest you get yourself signed up on the game’s official website instead of hoping against hope that The Elder Scrolls Online open beta will launch one of these days.

The Elder Scrolls Online releases to PC on April 4, 2014 while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will get it in June 2014.