Call of Duty: Ghosts Faces Performance Issues on Xbox One after Patch

Unexpectedly, Call of Duty: Ghosts’ latest patch has worsened the performance of the game instead of improving it as everyone would expect. Multiple Call of Duty: Ghosts players who own Xbox One have reported that the multiplayer of the game has been struck badly by the aftereffects of the Onslaught DLC.

Eurogamer has reported that certain persistent drops in the frame rate exist on certain locations of the new maps.

“While the game does indeed hit 60fps in this stage, frame-rates are dramatically impacted when the whole level is in view, with metrics varying between 46-60fps as we run across the landscape,” says David Bierton of Digital Foundry.

As an effect of the frame rate drop certain players have also experienced screen tear that adds juddering to the view and makes the smoothness drop a little more.

What’s more, if you try using the sniper rifle when you are in the areas where the performance is already affected, it further drops the frame rates just as you look through the scope of you rifle.

The map that has been affected the most is Stonehaven. While other maps did experience similar issues, Stonehaven’s performance has been comparatively worse.

This doesn’t mean that Call of Duty: Ghosts is completely broken, though we would expect that the developers look into the matter as soon as possible and set things right.