Borderlands 2 Gets Free Weekend On Steam

If you have some time, Steam has a free weekend for Borderlands 2 running, which will probably take care of those unspent moments for you. As usual, the free PC deal runs through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time, after which only the discount is offered.

Those who enjoy Borderlands 2 so much that they’d like to buy it, can grab the Steam copy for a 50% discount. It’s been discounted a lot cheaper numerous times though, so maybe you’ll want to scour other platforms for that.

This version of the Steam-free weekend is the basic format of the popular shooter from developer Gearbox Software. It still has a ton of downloadable content (DLC), which comes in a Season Pass, if you are ready for a purchase.

For the “vanilla” build of Borderlands 2, you’ll need a little over 7Gb of download space. You may also want to look at system requirements before taking the plunge, though they are still sensible.

In Borderlands 2, you take on a vibrant, cel-shaded universe with an array of weaponry. Loot is king in this shooter, which drops in spades from all the strange creatures you destroy.

There are several different classes in the game. Each comes with a set of upgradable skills, just like a roleplaying game (RPG), but with guns.

Recently, publisher 2K Games announced that it would return one of their favorite characters to the game through DLC. Soon, you’ll be able to buy Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Free weekends on Steam are rarely a coincidence, and it looks like that isn’t the case for Borderlands 2 either. There’s a sizable community behind the shooter, so that’s certainly not a bad thing for people who haven’t gone in yet.

Happy hunting.