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Battlefield 4 Double XP Weekend Kicks off Tonight – Are You Ready?

Fans of Battlefield 4 would probably know about the Player Appreciation Month that kicked off with the start of February. Now, it’s time for the Battlefield 4 Double XP Weekend under the umbrella of the same event.

If you haven’t received enough freebies in the Player Appreciation Month already, here’s another solid opportunity. The Facebook Event for Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Double XP Weekend is inviting all of you to the bout that starts at 3AM tonight.

DICE is saying THANK YOU to all players by hosting a month filled with fun community missions and daily giveaways that you get just for jumping into a match. All players will receive 2XP in all ranked matches across all modes the weekend of February 8th.

As far as the other activities of the month are concerned, the first Community Mission has tasked players to claim 10 million Dog Tags in the month. The figure has reached 3 million so far.

In related news, on the official Twitter profile of Battlefield, it was asked that when we could expect to see rent a server option on PS4. Hopefully, DICE will be releasing information regarding the Rent a Server program soon.

The Battlefield 4 Double XP Weekend will start from February 8 at 3AM PST and go on until February 10 at 3am PST on all platforms.

Who is up for it?