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World of Warplanes Update 1.02 Adds Replay, Post Battle Stats and Enhanced Camera Effects

World of Warplanes, the free-to-play flight combat MMO was released by Wargaming in November last year and since then, it has received large enough audience that it is expected of the game to get more acquainted with the eSports community.

That is what World of Warplanes Update 1.02 will primarily focus on. Wargaming in a press release, highlighting the update made it clear that they want the piece of eSports with World of Warplanes.

Enhanced camera effects will be added to allow for a better live streaming so that the online tournaments of World of Warplanes are more fun to watch.

New features will allow players to create replays, which are a healthy aspect of competitive gaming as they are used in learning combat tactics.

Vlad Belozerov the Director of Global Operations for World of Warplanes said:

The upcoming update will heighten gameplay experience, injecting it with depth and comfort. Our goal is to grow World of Warplanes into a game that is exciting to watch via live steams and gratifying to play, be it on casual or pro level.

Apart from that, detailed post battle stats will be introduced so that players can compare and refine their skill based on the battle report at the end of the game.

Lastly, a new Battle Mission System will offer challenges to pilots where they will be able to take up objectives related to combat as well as participate in bonus events that will bring additional credits.