The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Book of Fables Locations ‘Apprentice Librarian Guide

If you find and pick all of the Books of Fable in The Wolf Among Us Episode 2, you will be able to unlock Apprentice Librarian” achievement or trophy.

The first question is how to find the missing book of fables? Answer to that is to go and talk to flying monkey Bufkin.

Book of Fables #1 and #2
#1 – In the first section of the game Choose Ichabod Crane’s Book of Fable, which opens if you threat and mistreat the prisoner during interrogation, or

#2 – Instead choose Blue Beard’s Book of Fable, which opens by being nice to prisoner and not ever hitting him, and you have to stop Blue Beard when he interferes.

Book of Fables #3
When you interview TJ the little frog, when he and his dad leave, Snow will ask if you want to go investigate the body or look around first? DO NOT LEAVE!

Choose to look around a bit more and then you just have to talk to the Mirror and afterwards, you’ll have unlocked a new Book of Fables entry.

There you have it, all the entries of the Book of Fables in the Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us.