Titanfall Will Support Xbox SmartGlass

Respawn Entertainment confirms that their upcoming shooter Titanfall will support SmartGlass, which is Microsoft’s tablet/mobile crossover app. It was revealed through the official Twitter account of the game.

However, there is no mention of whether the SmartGlass will be supported on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 because Respawn Entertainment is not developing the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall.

SmartGlass could be used as a second screen map, this would probably be the simplest use of SmartGlass in Titanfall, and I don’t see it getting too much love; the on-screen radar is perfectly fine for regular FPS players, and there are so many other ways to make sense of the map.

The other feature that SmartGlass app could support is the ability to command Titans to some extent. In the game, there are two such commands, which are “guards” and “follow.”

Only two commands were featured in the Titanfall because the developers at Respawn didn’t want their players to feel overburdened. The ability to drop a waypoint using the second screen map could be a little worthy though.

The thing that might reel me in to using the SmartGlass is its ability to allow you control of the Titan. But this would require the game to stream live gameplay to the device and secondly two pairs of hands might have to play with close friend or a family member (co-op).

For now we can just speculate on how the SmartGlass will be integrated into Titanfall. What do you think it will be used for? Sound off in the comments below!