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The Order: 1886 Doesn’t Have Multiplayer, Runs at 30fps in 1080p

Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica Studios’ upcoming PlayStation 4 title might not come with all the features that you were expecting. It has recently been confirmed that The Order: 1886 doesn’t come with a multiplayer mode and will stick to 30 frames per second.

Co-founder of Ready at Dawn, Andrea Pessino was asked over Twitter whether the game will have a competitive multiplayer mode where he confirmed that it was a third person action adventure game with no multiplayer.

Thereon, he explained their motive in another tweet saying that they wanted to make sure they do one thing well instead of a “whole bunch of half-assed” features, reassuring that they were making a single player mode that people would enjoy.

Parallel to this, Ru Weerasuriya the other co-founder of Ready at Dawn stated in an interview that the game will run at 30fps in a 1080p resolution.

He said they were not targeting 60fps because that makes more sense in a first person shooter. He considers The Order: 1886 to be a “cinematic experience presented in full HD, 1080p”.

The preview embargo on the game lifts on February 18 which isn’t very far. The Order: 1886 will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive coming out sometime later this year.