Maxis Looking for DevTesters for SimCity, You Can Apply Now

Maxis is looking for some new DevTesters for SimCity 13. They announced it on their official Reddit. The post reads:

SimCity DevTest is not the Test Server you find in the server selection screen of your game. Being a member of DevTest grants you access to Pre-Release builds of SimCity where you are able to test the client before it goes live.

Players of the DevTest will be responsible to give regular feedback, pay full attention to detail, report bugs and upload the logs that will be requested by the developers of the game.

Developers have made it very clear that this test is not for the players who are just looking to play the game without participating in the aforementioned volunteer activities. All the players also have to be on their best behavior, they wrote:

DevTest is not the place for attitude, insults and the like. It is the place for individuals to help squash bugs, report inconsistencies, and offer feedback.

DevTest builds are in a state of flux most of the time. During the course of DevTest you may experience, crashes, flickers, graphical problems, installation issues and update issues etc.

People who get frustrated really quick due to the problems of the game should avoid participation in the DevTest, it simply isn’t for you. There will also be a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to the DevTest that will prevent all players from showing any media related to the game.

If you are a die-hard SimCity fan, then this is the opportunity for you to participate in the DevTest and get early access to the game or may be make your contributions towards the game count.