Kingdom Come: Deliverance Third Video Focuses on Horses

A third video update has been released for Kingdom Come: Deliverance that focuses on horses alone.

Warhorse Studios is taking its next-gen RPG further by providing a greater immersion factor for riding horses. Along with mane physics that moves around based on wind and force, the ride boasts complex animations to give it a greater dose of reality.

According to the short dev update, the horses will react to danger and will move around objects. So if you are riding into a tree, your horse will move around that instead or in another scenario stop short of a steep cliff. It will automatically jump over objects, be able to carry a short stack of inventory and will respond to a player’s whistle when needed.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open-world sandbox RPG that is powered by CRYENGINE. The game is planned for a 2015 release, and currently has two more weeks to go before its Kickstarter campaign ends.