2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil for PS3 and Xbox 360 Coming on April 15

EA is releasing a separate version of FIFA, based on the World Cup. The developer EA Canada has promised that they have added a few tweaks to the formula for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil that will be worth a look for long time fans of the game.

The game not only lets you take a country through the qualification process (you can also do this by taking control of a single player on the squad), but also features some gameplay improvements and changes from FIFA 14.

There was one specific complain that EA received from the players of FIFA 14, gamers were complaining that player’s first touch of the ball was too slow in the game. Players’ acceleration will be reworked “on and off the ball.”

fifa world cup

There will be another gameplay feature added into the game. It will help in set piece tactics that tells your teammates to make runs during corners (near post, far post, edge of box, and crowd the keeper).

Just like the last EA World Cup game, penalty kicks are also being revamped from the FIFA yearly series, it will include better keeper AI and the ability for keepers to try and throw off kick takers on the spot.

If you prefer online multiplayer, you can do so by playing through the group stages and finals, or progress through the Seasons-like Road to Rio mode by playing online opponents in the stadiums of Brazil’s 12 host cities. The game also features scenarios based on key real-life moments of qualifying and the finals themselves.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 15. However, there is no plan for any current-gen version of the game.