Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Brings Stickers, Weapons and Map Adjustments

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has received a new update today which brings adjustments to weapons, maps, and also releases Overpass and Cobblestone to all players.

It also brings a new grenade feature where players now have a secondary fire that allows you to underhand-toss a grenade a short distance. It would be perfect to catch oncoming rushers who will not be expecting a quick nade surprise.

The most noticeable change though is the introduction of stickers or decals that can be applied to any weapon. According to Valve, players will start receiving Sticker Capsules as they play through their normal routine.

Each capsule will contain a single sticker out of several different designs. These can then be opened with a special Sticker Capsule key and be applied on whatever weapon you desire. If you want, you can also add multiple stickers on to a single weapon.

Currently, Valve is working on bringing a CS: GO sticker workshop. As we have come to see with Team Fortress 2, expect dozens of user made stickers being uploaded on the workshop once the shop arrives.

More details have been promised soon.

Source: CS: GO Official