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Blizzard Asking for Fans Feedback to Improve StarCraft 2

Blizzard Entertainment is known for their constant interaction with the fans of their games so that they can make it as enjoyable as possible for them.

Today it was no different as Blizzard issued a ‘call for action’ to the StarCraft 2 community, asking for their feedback on the next round of proposed balance changes.

Blizzard are committed to improving players experience in the game; that’s why they are always tinkering and making changes to the game, and due to these regular changes StarCraft II, it is one of the awesomely balanced RTS games.

All the changes don’t have to be big to make an impact, sometimes just a little tweaks in the gameplay are enough to change the whole experience of the game for the better.

Balancing expert at Blizzard Entertainment David Kim said in the statement:

The proposed changes are mostly targeted towards limiting Protoss strength in the early game and encouraging TvP Mech. Some adjustments have been made to help ZvP too. If things go according to plan, Protoss could take a fairly substantial hit.

The list of all the changes is as follows:


Mothership Core:
-Photon Overcharge duration decreased from 60 to 50 seconds.
-Time Warp energy cost increased from 75 to 100.

Resonance Coil ground weapon damage increased from 30 to 30 + 30 vs. Structures.


Starting energy increased from 50 to 75.

The Moebius Reactor upgrade has been removed from the Ghost Academy.


Cost decreased from 100/50 to 100/25.

Players can try out the game with the changes stated above. It is possible to create a custom game with the map of your choice using Blizzard’s new ‘Balance Test Mod.’

However, these changes are not for all the players of the game, players who like to use Terran and Zerg may seem interested in these adjustments. Some of the members of the community are saying that “the reduction in Hydra cost will ‘break the game’ while others think that these changes will have little to no effect.”

A write up by Teamliquid provides some responses from professional players to the proposed patch here.