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Zynga Projects 2014 to be Profitable

2013 sprung a leak into Zynga’s financial division where the company bled a ton of money, as well as losing face following a class action lawsuit against its executives for insider trading. With the start of a new year, Zynga has promised its investors to achieve a profit in 2014 and to turn things around.

Speaking during the company’s earnings call last week, CEO Don Mattrick, along with CFO Vranesh and COO Clive Downie talked about their $527 million acquisition of mobile game developer NaturalMotion.

Addressing a question aimed at how long Zynga plans to keep licensing NaturalMotion’s Euphoria, Downie said: “We’ll evaluate all of the opportunities that are in the best interest of us and NaturalMotion, and any external partners, and then make some decisions downstream. We are far more focused right now on taking CSR Racing and Clumsy Ninja and building those into global franchises.”

Zynga is aiming to shift their focus entirely to mobile gaming, and NaturalMotion’s technology is going to be vital in that regard. The company plans to release an abundant of games in five different genres as they don’t expect each one to make the cut. However, their plan is to achieve the number 1 hit from all five categories.

Zynga’s titles for 2014 are going to utilize NaturalMotion’s technology to provide “jaw dropping visuals,” realistic animation and facial emotions, as well as more characters in the game for players to connect to better. On that note, Zynga feels social integration to be a major component for all of their games, which will have players come back on a daily basis.

Zynga has no current plans to expand outside of mobile and Facebook.

Source: GamesIndustry