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Stealth Inc is Coming to PS4 as Stealth Inc: A Clone in The Dark Ultimate Edition

Curve Studios is pretty excited this month as they plan to make four gaming related announcements. Out of those the first one came out today; Stealth Inc is coming to PlayStation 4, and it has been titled Stealth Inc: A Clone in The Dark Ultimate Edition.

According to the announcement post on the developer’s website, they will bring the game bundled with both pre and post release expansions. This includes two large DLC expansions for the game – The Teleporter Chambers and The Lost Clones.

Each of the DLC includes 20 levels as well as their own trophies and leaderboards. In fact, Curve Studios boasts that some of the levels included in these DLC are the best levels ever created for the game.

As of now, they have no plans of releasing the stealth platformer to other platforms, and the release will not be a cross buy title. Though don’t get disappointed, the developer is looking into ways of giving a discount to people who already own the game.

Oh and currently the game is available on iOS at a 50% discount and on PC for £3.64 along with ten other games!

Stealth Inc: A Clone in The Dark Ultimate Edition will be out to PlayStation 4 in early March.