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Starbound Developer Details Future Plans, Hints At Multiplayer Pirate Game

Developer Chucklefish is looking forward to the future of the company. You may know them recently from their Starbound release on Steam Early Access. They’ve also had their hand in another PC hit, Risk of Rain.

In the future, their recent blog post states upcoming titles Stardew Valley, Halfway, Treasure Adventure World and Wanderlust Adventures. Chucklefish acts as a publisher for other indie titles, so they’re not all taking development time away from Starbound.

Speaking of the popular game, Starbound has received information about its end game scenario. Director mode will be added, which serves like a dungeon master role in Dungeons and Dragons, where players set their own rules.

Director mode is set in a separate client. It will additionally be possible to create mission maps and challenges that can be shared.

Further in user-generated content, there is progress in adding mod support. A way to create single files should eventually make its way to Starbound, resulting in easy sharing.

You might have to be a little patient for everything to be set up. The blog states:

Currently, our update schedule relies entirely on waiting for engine updates to be finished, before we are able to push any content updates to Steam.

In general news, Chucklefish is taking its success to a new office soon. There, it will also hire new forces to work on their projects. People are encouraged to apply.

Lastly, there’s a hint of a new game being thought up. Their final words are:

We’re kicking around ideas, one that keeps popping up is a top down, open world, multiplayer pirate game.

We contacted the Starbound developer for more info. They replied by butting back some of the more enthused publications about the news, saying:

We haven’t actually *announced* anything, we just said that a pirate game was one idea we’d been throwing around.