Razer Nabu SmartBand Got Offers From More Than 10,000 Developers

Razer announced today that in only 24 hours of its open enrollment, more than 10,000 developers registered to create content for the Razer Nabu SmartBand.

The Nabu was first shown at CES of this year. It is a wearable device which enables gaming applications such as motion sensing and multiplayer along with smartphone notifications and third party applications support.

The best part of the device has to be its daily life achievements, it gamifies all the activities that you do on a daily basis, for example it will give you an achievement for going to bed early. It also helps you to check into new stores and keeping your score during your regular workout session.

Razer is basically a gaming brand, but with SmartBand they are expanding their radius, it feels like a lifestyle product now with social networking opportunities.

The developers can purchase the Nabu; it is expected to ship very soon, and for just $49. Applications for the development are still open on Razer’s website, once you are approved; you can gain access to the SmartBand’s SDK and Developer’s Portal for discussion with peers.

CEO, Creative Director and Co-founder of Razer, Min Liang Tan told that the company’s decision to make wearable products a long-term focus.

He continued:

“This outpouring of support is even more gratifying, considering it comes on the heels of launching a project we┬┤ve been researching for the past three-and-a-half years. With all the applications pouring in, we can’t wait to see just how developers will take advantage of the open platform of the Nabu to enrich user experiences.”

The device looks amazing but we can be certain of its validity once it is finally released in the market. For more information regarding the Nabu SmartBand and other products from the Razer you can check out their official website.