PvP in FFXIV Online: ARR Doesn’t Support Vanity System

In a letter from the Producer LIVE Part XI Q&A it was confirmed that PvP in FFXIV Online will not support the Vanity System. He said that while answering the question during a Q&A session.

Q: Will we be able to use the vanity system with PvP gear in the Wolves’ Den?
A: Unfortunately, this won’t be possible. Even if you’ve changed the appearance of your gear with the vanity system, such changes will not apply when you enter the Wolves’ Den. This would allow players to deceive others by making it difficult to discern their true class or job, or to have everyone look exactly the same, which wouldn’t be fair. However, this restriction will only apply to PvP areas.

Many critical questions of the fans were answered. While talking about upcoming beast tribe quests, he emphasized that in the tribe quests you’ll be able to see how ordinary, peaceful beastmen lead their lives.

As you communicate with Beasts, help them solve problems, and quest with them, opportunities to learn about their lives and thought processes will grow, and your reputation will increase.

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