Pokémon Bank Tips and Tricks

Pokémon Bank also known as Poke Bank is a cloud storage application which has proven to be one of the most exciting features to be included in the franchise.

Poke Bank is currently available for free in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand until March 14, 2014. After the trial period is over, players will be charged 4.99 Euros per annum. In addition to the trial period, players will also receive a Mythical Pokémon Celebi as a gift. The interested ones can download the application from Nintendo eStore.

To get the free Celebi, collect the free BP from the Pokémon Link in Pokémon X/Y and get to Poke Bank to accept it.

Those who does not know, Poke Bank allows players to transfer their favorite Pokémon from previous installments to Pokémon X/Y.

Consider this example, you start a Pokémon game and get six of your favorite Pokémon to defeat all gym leaders and Elite Four. By this time, the game will already be finished, and you will get no time for breeding.

With the help of Poke Bank, you can transfer these six Pokémon to any game without the need of catching another Pokémon.

However, before you jump in to test out Poke Bank, courtesy of reddit user, Skycloud60, he has compiled a few tips for you which will surely help you out:

  • Only Pokémon in Box #1 of your Pokémon Black, White and 2 are transferable.
  • Color-coded cursors are used for a number of purposes, like:

    Red Cursor: Placing a single Pokémon
    Blue Cursor: Switching between Pokémon
    Green Cursor: Placing more than one Pokémon

  • The Transport Box must be empty before you add Pokémon into it. You will not be able to do so otherwise.
  • Keep an eye on Bank Spaces. You should consider using 100 Bank Boxes to transfer a bunch of Pokémon from your Transport Box.

Have you tested out the Poke Bank as of yet? What are your impressions so far?