Planetside 2 Shifting to 64 Bit Only, 6% Players to be Left Behind

The 32bit operating systems are getting old; the trend is shifting towards 64bit systems day by day. Another example of that would be SOE’s Planetside 2 which is moving towards 64bit only future.

SOE president John Smedley was talking about Titanfall’s minimum system requirements when he stated that “32bit is dead in gaming.” Smedley then went on to officially announce their plans for Planetside 2 being shifted completely from 32bit to 64bit:

This means that the game will cease to support all the 32bit operating systems, and that includes a 6 percent of Planetside 2 users. The figure was mentioned by Smedley himself in another tweet when he mentioned how many Planetside 2 users were playing the game last month.

On the matter of performance, he said that it would let you use a lot of memory so “in theory” it should improve the performance. Their number one crash is ‘Out of Memory’, and this will hopefully fix it. Though as word of caution, he added they “don’t want to promise anything till (they) have tested it.”

This decision follows a visible shift in trends that everything coming from SOE will now be 64bit:

Nothing is clear as far as the implementation of this decision is concerned. It was decided only recently, so it will be safe to assume that there is still time before we can actually see the game running on 64bit.

How does this move sit with you?