Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Raids Tombs With Lara Croft DLC

Hopefully, people really enjoy downloadable content (DLC), because Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has added a new extra costume, parading around as Lara Croft. Publisher Square Enix owns both stables, meaning the Tomb Raider crossover makes a bit of sense.

Additionally, Lightning and Lara are both fierce warriors, so that checks out too. It even looks like the adaptation of the survivor axe carried by the raider of tombs is a perfect fit to be carried over.

In this costume DLC, Lightning Lara will also don the reboot’s camo get-up and get a riot shield to protect herself. Sparing no detail, she even gets caked in copious amounts of dirt, in tribute to the teenaged spelunker in Tomb Raider.

You can see the grimy costume in action in the latest trailer for the game. Alternatively, there are three new screenshots, which we’ll put below. One of them has Lightning visibly stumped.

There’s also a familiar face in the trailer. Instead of fighting side by side, it looks like XIII-2 protagonist Noel will be dueling against Lightning in this iteration. As a sequel, you can expect many more characters to show up.

So far, the list of costumes on Lightning is quite elaborate. Hell, even the trailer has another DLC item in the clip, selling its Cloud Strife outfit. Then, there’s a Yuna dress, something totally made out of Moogles and a kitty uniform we won’t talk about.

If we can keep pitching these things, we’d like to see Tifa Lockhart as a more logical inclusion. Otherwise, we’ll settle for Jessica from Dragon Quest VIII.

You can make up your mind on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII by playing the demo, out now on Platstation 3 and Xbox 360. It will release on February 11, 2014 for North America and February 14, 2014 for Europe.