Infamous: Second Son Receives Two Stunning Screenshots

The developers Sucker Punch have released two new screenshots of their upcoming open world game ‘Infamous: Second Son’. Both screenshots show the beauty of Seattle up close.

The first screenshot shows a foot-shaped truck which is also known as Lincoln’s Toe Truck (in real life). The second screenshot shows Sonic Boom Records, which is situated at 2209 NW Market St, Ballard.

The power of the PlayStation 4 is clearly visible in both screenshots, graphics and detail in both screenshots are an absolute top notch. Infamous: Second Son is by far the most anticipated exclusive coming to the Playstation 4 this spring.

There are few AAA exclusives that have been confirmed to release on the PlayStation 4, so you can expect that all the fan-base of the console will be looking forward to this game, with these new screenshots you can be sure that visually the game will be awesome.

The gameplay of the game will be similar to the fans that have played any of the first two installments in the Infamous Series with few additions and tweaks.

Infamous: Second Son is scheduled to release exclusively to PlayStation 4 on March 21, 2014. You can see both images in full quality below!