Guild Wars 2 Edge of Mists and Defiance 7th Legion Are Here

Good day for the MMO fans; there is a double treat for you today!

Firstly, Trion Worlds’ Defiance will get its ‘7th Legion DLC’ today and secondly, Guild Wars 2 welcomes its regular biweekly update, Edge of Mists.

Let’s talk about the Guild Wars 2 expansion first.

The Edge of Mists update is supposed to add a new WvW zone to the game named after the update. This will feature complex floating islands and a long range of landscapes. Other features will include new challenging players and the minions of Scarlet Briar.

Edge of Mists is a dedicated overflow map where you can fight as you wait for the mightier WvW battles in the Borderlands and Eternal Battleground maps. Unlike the previous maps, this will accommodate as many players as you want; if one map fills up, another will spawn.

Moving on, Defiance’s third DLC named 7th Legion is now live. Just as the name suggests, this will add the new 7th Legion faction to the game complete with new contracts (and stipends), weapons, shield effects and a lot more.

It will provide contracts for taking down Incursions and Arkfall bosses and in return, provide a faction stipend for members who complete Incursions.

The new weapons will include assault rifle, SMG, LMG, combat shotgun, sawed-off shotgun, semi auto sniper rifle, heavy pistol, pump shotgun, bolt action sniper rifle and detonator.

The new shield effects are:

  • Focus – Reduces recoil and spread after shield break
  • Zanzou – 10% chance to release a decoy on shield break
  • Surge – 50% melee damage bonus after shield fully recharges

The PC, Xbox 360 and the PS3 season pass holders can download it right away. Standalone versions for PS3 will come out by February 18.

You may read the full patch notes on the Defiance Forums.