GTA V Episodic Series by Machinima Brings Back a Different Micheal

Machinima is known for its short movies made from the clips taken from the game. They have made a lot of video episodes from Grand Theft Auto IV and now they have shifted their focus to the next installment in the series GTA V.

They are creating a new story with using all the environments and characters of the GTA V but they will all be voiced over by Machinima. This episodic series started on the 1st of January this year, with every episode releasing with a gap of 30 days. 2nd episode made its way to YouTube on the 1st of February.

Following is the plot to the episodic series:

Protagonist Michael has been brought up in the harsh streets of an American Los Santos. Now, he is after a new start – he’s ready to put the past in the past, and see the bright light of the city in order to get his life back on track. This, however, is not something he is accustomed to, many problems will most certainly arise. But with his friends close and his family far gone, it’s now or never for Michael in this GTA V based thriller to make amends for the life his has missed. He enlists the help of his friends, and together, they begin their journey to the top of the Los Santos ladder.

Admit it, we all wanted to have something that will make us return to the GTA V universe, well now is our chance to see absolutely new story with your favourite characters of the game.

If you have missed out on the videos before you can watch the first episode here and the second one here

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