Forza 5 Honda Legends DLC is Here with 2 Classics and a New Car

Your love for simulation racing is something that Turn 10 Studios wishes to reward with their Free Forza 5 Honda Legends DLC. The car pack has just been released, and it comes packing three cars for you to race with.

All the Xbox One users can take advantage of the package through Xbox Live anytime starting now. The cars that have been introduced into the game are the 1984 Honda CR-X Mugen, 1994 Honda Prelude Si and 2014 Honda Civic Si Coupe.

Check out the Forza 5 Honda Legends DLC trailer above if you feel like getting to know these rides before you try them out on your console.

While describing the 1994 Honda Prelude Si the official website of Forza 5 tells you to “Tune up your “Lude’” and represent for the Honda fan-boys (and girls) of Forza Motorsport 5.”

Here’s how they praise the Mugen:

A trademark feature of the Mugen CRX is the twin-pipe muffler or “Silencer Set.” With nearly 120 horsepower, a limited slip differential, and weighing in at a mere 1,800 pounds, the Mugen CRX is a thrill to drive and inspired a new generation of Honda tuners.

Finally, the 2014 Honda Civic Si is a new model with a “power that puts it in the upper echelons of entry-level coupes,” and here’s why you should have it:

You don’t have to be young to own a Civic Si, but driving one will inspire youthful smiles every time you turn the key.

You can read up more about these cars on the official website of the game.