Fallout Shadows of Boston Listed on IMDB, is it Fallout 4, Movie or Another Hoax?

One too many hoaxes over the past few months have made it tough for most of the Fallout series fans to believe anything that they hear in this regard but it is our duty to report on games that are highly anticipated.

Thanks to Reddit, we have found another clue leading to the existence of possibly a new Fallout game, titled Fallout Shadows of Boston.

It is listed on IMDB as a videogame (Fallout 4?). There aren’t many details to go with the listing, but it does show a release year which is astonishingly 2017. Moreover, it lists Todd Howard of Bethesda as the director and an estimated budget of $10,300,000.

Now before you jump with excitement, let us tell you that there are multiple reasons why we already believe this could be a hoax. For one, users can add things on the IMDB website themselves. Which means it doesn’t necessarily have to be a legitimate Fallout 4 news from Bethesda if it is on IMDB.

Second, usually when there is something official but in early development, it is not visible to the public IMDB website, instead it is limited to the IMDBPro users.

Lastly, the release date is 2017; now why would they list it now if there are three years in the making? In fact, why would they choose IMDB to break the news of the new Fallout game that is not going to be here until 2017?

In all fairness, it could be anything. Even though it should be taken with a grain of salt, it may as well be legit. What’s your take?