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Dota 2 Year Beast Patch is Live, How To Slay The Beast For Rewards

A 250MB patch has been released for Dota 2, which adds the Year Beast and allows players to venture forward in an attempt to slay the mighty being.

The Beast though is no ordinary creature and will require special items if players are to take it down. Don’t worry though since it’s a timed event, and you’ll have some time to get ready.

In the meantime, you can keep a track on how much time is left before the Year Beast arrives on to your lands by going on the Play Tab in any of the match making tabs.

Dota 2 - Year Beast Counter

How to Defeat Dota 2 Year Beast?

You must prepare yourself by attaining special weapons and trinkets crafted from Flamesalt Ingots. These Ingots need to be collected in abundance.

Flamesalt Ingots: During the course of the event, Flamesalt Ingots will drop when you play games in Normal Matchmaking, Ranked Matchmaking, Co-Op Bot Matches and Team Matchmaking.

Fortune’s Favor: Shilling out $0.99 in the Dota 2 Store will net you Fortune’s Favor, which will increase the drop rate of your regular Ingots by 100 percent. More importantly though this will also enable the dropping of Jade Tokens while the favor lasts. The favors stack with favors from other users at a rate of 20%.

Jade Tokens: With the help of these Tokens you can redeem Bloom Bounties to earn some flashy rewards for yourself. In order to do so simply head to the Play Tab and then open the Redeem panel.

While the event lasts, your games will also have a chain to gain random drops.

Crimson Parcels: Opening these random Parcels will reward you with a few pile of Ingots and on rare occasions, some Jade Tokens.

What can I redeem with my Tokens?

At the moment there are only two things that be redeemed with your Tokens.

Bloom Harvest (1500 Tokens): Redeem and open to get one of the following items with a socket and a gem.

  • Ashtongue
  • Repose of the Defiant
  • Cauldron of Summons
  • Lantern of Auspicious Days
  • Beast of Vermilion Wilds
  • Dragonfish Sceptre
  • Banners of Battle Fortune
  • Flight of the Jade Phoenix
  • Stone Dragon Soul

Seal of the Vermillion Renewal (1500 Tokens): Redeem and open to get one of the following loot.

  • Charming Assassin Curls
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Fortune’s Coin
  • Curse of the New Season
  • Jade Talon
  • Equine Battlehelm
  • Living Nelum
  • Staff of the Enduring Colt
  • Healing Fount of the Lost Isles
  • Dragon Horse Spirit Totem
  • A rare courier with a unique particle effect

What rewards do I get for defeating the Year Beast?

More rewards have been teased but for now Valve is offering three rewards that will be based on how well you perform against the Beast.

  • Simply facing it will net you rare New Bloom recipes.
    • Normal Bloom Recipe: 3 Year Beast Parts = 1 Random Year Beast Loot | Wardfish, Blade of the New Year, Power of the Red Horse, Heavy Butterfly Blades, Locks of the New Bloom, Temple HUD, Surge HUD and Thunder Spirit HUD.
    • Rare Bloom Recipe: 5 Year Beats Parts + 1 Year Beast Horn = 1 Rare Year Beast Loot which includes one of the following sets. | Strength of the Demon Stone Set, Flames of Prosperity Set, Gifts of Fortune Set, Ember Crane Set, Foreteller’s Robes Set, Aria of the Wild Wind Set, Commander of the Dragon Guard Set and Desert Gale Set.
  • Using materials from the fallen Beast will enable you to craft items like the Wardfish.
  • The fiercest foes of the Year Beast will get the elusive Redhoof courier.

The Armory Offering

While the event lasts, you can throw in any unwanted items as tribute to the Eight Shades of Fortune. Based on how much you’ve contributed, you will be rewarded with loot. The more content, the better the reward.