Call of Duty: Ghosts Nightfall Storyline Dissected – Everything You Need To Know

Call of Duty: Ghosts Nightfall Extinction map-pack has more secrets than we thought. Finding all pieces of Intel in the game will tell you the complete story of Dr. Samantha Cross and SAS retiree; David Archer.

Before you read on, be warned! Spoilers Ahead! You can also check out the attached video posted above if you don’t want to go through text.

The story began with a frightened woman named Dr. Samantha Cross. Although Ms. Cross was afraid of losing her life at the hands of some unknown people, she looked determined to divulge the truth which – according to her – would save millions of innocent lives.

The Intel showed Dr. Samantha Cross as a high-value asset who had done her Ph.D. in Paleolingustics from Harvard University. Samantha was recruited six months ago by a retired SAS top-shooter named David Archer; now acting as a leader of Project Nightfall.

Samantha did not disclose the whole story and told that she was recruited on a classified mission – code named Nightfall in Alaska. What she did disclose was that while the military was busy fighting off the outbreak, Archer was bringing in the specimen of aliens in a private facility.

We also came across an audio interrogation of David Archer in which he confessed seeing aliens for the first time in Swat Valley, Pakistan. Next we get an interview of Dr.

Samantha Cross who was hired by NSA to do some research in a forest. Samantha was a born genius who could speak around 28 languages; including the dead ones. According to her, these languages hold the secrets of the past.

Moving on, Samantha next talks about her experience at the facility and how the shrieks of captive alien species made her uncomfortable. She considers this one of the biggest discoveries of this epoch and couldn’t understand as to why the whole program is classified.

We also get to see several of alien species of plants and animals, which are called Cryptids by Archer. Furthermore, we could also see strengths and weaknesses of different alien species.

During her time at the facility, Samantha found out that after caverns was breached by an Odin Strike; Archer discovered the species and brought them to the facility. Later, it was found out that Cryptids inhibited a planet with no Oxygen where the eruption from volcanos stained the black sky.

About 300 million years ago, a comet struck their planet and brought-in Oxygen into the atmosphere which raised every living thing there. That planet is now called Earth. And therefore, Archer believed that Cryptids have been living on the surface of Earth longer than we have evolved.

While examining the Cryptids, Samantha came to know that they live on a Symbiosis relationship with each other. They tend to defend huge fungal colonies called as Hives. These Hives emit a chemical substance called Pheromone, which is crucial for aliens’ metabolism. An interesting thing about Hives is that these suffice on geothermal heat instead of sunlight to survive.

Samantha told that the reason why Archer brought her to the facility is that they found some strange artifacts with some dead languages engraved on it. It was Samantha’s job to find the clues and translate those languages.

The next part gets a little boring as the miserable woman starts babbling about her long working weeks and how she
came across a massive giant of an alien called Breeder.

On the other side, David Archer is seeing making an offer with an unknown guy. Archer was willing to sell the living specimen and other nightfall data for a ship and a crew. Why? Because he believed that their location has been compromised. However, the deal didn’t go down as expected.

The story concludes when Archer offers Ms. Cross to the unknown contractor as she is the key to unlock the secrets of alien forces. In the end, we see a bandaged Dr. Cross tied to a bed with some kind of transfusion going on between her brain and aliens.