Battlefield 4 Battlepacks Can Also be Obtained Through Smartphones

Battlefield 4 even with its flaws is a jaw dropping game, especially if you play it on a high end PC or the next-gen consoles.

To appreciate the patience of the fans they showed while DICE attended to the annoying problems, developers have organized The Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month on February 1st, which is filled with daily giveaways, community missions, developer chats, and more.

The game is offering battlepacks on the daily basis, but all of the players have been unable to get them because they couldn’t get access to the website on their computer. This wouldn’t be a problem anymore for the people with the smartphones.

A user on Reddit said that now you will be able to get the Battlepacks of the game by visiting Battlelog from the mobile site. It is only confirmed for the PC players, this might not work with the consoles.

The main BattleLog site will give you daily battlepack when you visit, but if your device is unable to load it, you can switch to your mobile phone and it will work just fine.

User on the Reddit wrote how to get these battlepacks on your smartphones:

  1. I went to the main version of the site and isolated the AJAX call that returns Battlepack information.
  2. This morning I checked the output, and it showed 0 unopened packs, so that particular call lets me look without touching.
  3. I revisited (Didn’t need to log in again, I’d been there yesterday.)
  4. The output of the AJAX call now shows I have a Bronze battlepack waiting.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the mobile version of the website and let us know how it goes for you.