Yakuza Ishin Second Chapter Gameplay Walkthrough Released by Sega

Just as the release date of Yakuza Ishin draws nearer, Sega has started to release more content to interest you. Last week we saw the walkthrough trailer of the first chapter of Yakuza Ishin, this week Sega has released Yakuza Ishin Second Chapter gameplay trailer.

The game is set to be a PlayStation 4 launch title in Japan along with being released to PlayStation 3 on February 22.

On the whole, the trailer is a pretty lengthy one, taking over 15 minutes which are surely worth watching. It features the game producer Masayoshi Yokoyama who takes you through the gameplay. There are several clips of action as well as cut scenes where you see chases in the streets of Kyoto and even conversations in the public baths.

The previous trailer i.e. the one for the Yakuza Ishin First Chapter featured a long list of aspects ranging from battle styles, special moves and heat action, Another Life element, battle dungeons, growth and weapon forging, PS Vita companion app, play spots.

No word has been received regarding a western version of Yakuza Ishin yet though we hope the expectations of fans on this side of the globe play their part in changing Sega’s mind about it.