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Watchdogs Release Date Listed as April 30 by Portuguese Retailer

Make of it what you will, but an online Portuguese retailer has listed Watchdogs release date as April 30. This has not come down through an official channel though.

The retailer named Fnac shows the game listed for PC and the current generation but an expected delivery date around April 30. If you check the calendar, April 30 is a Wednesday which is certainly an odd date for the release of a new game.

Usually games are released on a Tuesday in the US and Fridays in EU and UK. Now this could also mean that the game is being planned for a release on April 25 i.e. Friday, and the retailer has added a shipping period of five days over it.

It is also of importance that the retailer doesn’t list Watchdogs’ PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version – I wonder why.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft is still quiet on the matter, and we cannot take anything for granted until an official word is received. For now, let us add this to the pile of rumors that surround the game.

Talking of rumors, only recently some nut-job fraudster tried to abandon the Watdogs trademark while trying to pose as Yves Guillemot the CEO of Ubisoft.

Could Watchdogs release date really be what Fnac suggests?